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Essay: Happiness, Freedom, and Peace of Mind

 “Pay It Forward” – Part one.

“Pay It Forward” – Part two.

“Pay It Forward” – Part three.

“Pay It Forward” – Part four.

“Pay It Forward” – Part five.

“Pay It Forward” – Part six.

“Pay It Forward” – Part seven.

“Pay It Forward” – Part eight.

“Pay It Forward” – Part nine.

“Pay It Forward” – Part ten.

“Pay It Forward” – Part eleven.

“Pay It Forward” – Part twelve.

“Pay It Forward” – Part thirteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part fourteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part fifteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part sixteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part seventeen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part eighteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part nineteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part twenty.

“There is a wonderful, mystical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life-happiness, freedom, and peace of mind- are always attained by giving them to someone else.” I totally agree with this staement. Someone once said “If you share your happiness with someone else then you will get double happiness from telling your friends your depressed. You will decrease the suffering by half.” If you tell your friends your suffering then you won’t feel as much pain. People thirst to obtain happiness, freedom, and peace of mind in life. You need to “pay it forward” to give out your love or make it change by helping someone else. There is a 2000 film called “Pay It Forward” and it features a boy who is trying to pay his debt forward instead of back. He helps many people; he helps his teacher, his mom, his friend and a vagrant. But finally, he dies by helping his friend from being bullied. After that people from around the world come to his house and offer flowers and a blessing. They do this because he was helping pay their debt forward. Not all people could do that. In conclusion, if you pay your debt forward, afterward, you can always attain happiness, freedom, and peace of mind.


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