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Diary – May.09.2011 : My second time volunteering for the Flying Squad!

This was my second time volunteering for the  Port Moody Ecological Society . My sister, Michelle, and I participated in the Fingerling Salmon Festival. It was like a big fun fair. My job was to run and send out lunch tickets to every volunteer. There were many people there. Included  in the event were: face painting, fish releasing, food selling and many other activities.

My sister and I also collected white blankets from the people were releasing fish. Our work was too easy so we finished earlier then we expected. The leader said we could stroll around.

There were many other adventures that we could have. First, we ate  hot dogs and chips, and drink pop. Face painting attracted me, so I stopped walking and was patient while watching the face painter’s draw flowers, webs and skulls on the kids’ faces. Most of the children wanted a big beautiful flower on their faces. I sat beside the painter and gazed at the designs for a half hour because their faces of the children were so beautiful.

I really wanted one on my face too, but I was a volunteer and I didn’t know whether or not I was allowed to get my face painted too. Thus, I decided to line up and be the last one. I needed to wait until all the kids finished then I could do it. Finally, all the kids were done, I sat down and smiled at the painter. She started to paint on my face so I couldn’t move until she was finished. I got a flower too. At last, my sister and I strolled around until we saw a station that offered free trees to take home.  We took four free trees to home. I wanted to plant them in my backyard and my mom got the same idea as me.

The Fingerling Salmom Festival closed at 03:00 pm. We had good time with it. I hope there will be a next time!

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