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The Hanging Stranger by Philip K. Dick

Character list:

Ed Loyce – a TV sales and service shop owner, he discovered a dead body of stranger hanging from a lamppost.

Don Fergusson – a salesman from the TV store.

Jack Potter – a man who works in a shoe shop.

Jenkins – Loyce’s friend, a stationery clerk.

Margaret Henderson – a jewelry store worker.

Pete Foley – a television repairman.

Stranger A, on a bus – a slender man, with dark hair and a small mustache. Well – dressed, brown suit and shiny shoes.

Stranger B, on the bus – an elderly man with a box.

Janet Loyce – Ed Loyce’s wife.

Tommy & Jim – Mrs. and Mr Loyce’s twin sons.

The Police Commissioner of Oak Grove – explains to Loyce what happens for all the weird events.

Clarence Mason, a banker in Oak Grove – he encounters the same situation as Ed Loyce.

The towns of Pikeville and Oak Grove (both town-names are located in the following states: Alabama, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee),


This short story is about a man, Ed Loyce, a TV sales store owner. One day, he repaired the foundations of his basement. He distinctly saw a man was hanging from the lamppost when he drove his car to work. He was shock and scared, due to he called out the people from the store. But all the people excepted him, didn’t care and had no emotion for seeing this scene. Ed knew something wrong, something weird in this world. The polices came and asked him a few personal questions but they didn’t ask or care about the hanging man. He realized they weren’t the police, he knew every cop in Pikeville and the strange part was the people didn’t care. Ed followed the men doubtfully then he came to the police station and beyond it was the old fashion City Hall. Suddenly, he heard the sound like bees’ swarming.  He was seeing “them”. He felt really tired and reeled. He couldn’t think. What was that? He wanted to go home then he boarded the bus and took a seat in the rear, by the door. He relaxed a little. Unexpectedly, there was a slender man, with dark hair and a small mustache. He was watching Loyce and studying him and then the other ederly man is staring him too. He instantly ran to the emergency door and left the bus. He ran across the street and into the alley. The two men ran right after him and Ed quickly ran to his house. He closed the door immediately and told her wife, Janet Loyce, to close the window. He brought his family escaped from this crazy town by car. After a long time, he saw a gasoline station and a drive-in.

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