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The Rejected Sorcerer by Jorge Luis Borges


Bid (v.) – Her boss bade her to wash the floor and clean-up the table before he came back.

Motive (n.) – John knew that he couldn’t obtain Tina’s love so his motive was to kill his love and commit suicide afterward.

*Disclose (v.) – The reason that he disclosed her true color was he couldn’t continue to protect her.

Instruct (v.) – Teachers instructed us: “Don’t steal stuff from the other students!”

Divine (v.) – The wizard divined that in 2012, the Earth will be destroyed.

Adjoining (adj.) – My mom and her friends lived in an adjoining room beside me and my sister.

Preferable (adj.) – He found another idea and it was preferable to the first one.

Cardinal (adj.) – This speech was very cardinal in my life because it taught me how to survive through my suffering.

Subterranean (adj.) – In this deep subterranean cell, a doctor was proceeding with the most dangerous experiment.

Ashamed (adj.) – He was ashamed of his ingratitude and tried to apologize for not saying “thanks” last night.

Sufficient (adj.) – She had sufficient bravery to come up against her suffering.


This story, The Rejected Sorcerer, was about a dean who wanted to learn magic. He found that Don Illan was a magician, thus he visited him and asked to be taught magic. But, Don Illan feared that afterward the dean would forget him. In response, the dean promised that he wouldn’t neglect Don Illan. The sorcerer then took him to an adjoining room and led the dean to a deep subterranean cell. Before descending, Don Illan had told a servant girl to prepare a meal and announced that she should not to cook it until he requested. After a few days, the dean received a letter from his uncle, the bishop, who was about to die. The dean was annoyed, but he couldn’t leave, so he decided not to see his uncle. A few days later, his uncle died and everybody elected the dean to be the next bishop. Later, he obtained a letter from the Pope, who was offering him the archbishopric. When Don Illan heard about this he requested that his son be made the bishop. The archbishop said no, that he had reserved the bishopric for his own uncle. After three years, the archbishop received a message from the Pope who was offering him a cardinalship. When Don Illan heard of this, he requested the archbishopric for his son. The new cardinal said he needed to give it to his mother’s brother. Four years later, the Pope died and the cardinal became the Pope. Don Illan heard this and requested the cardianlship for his son. But, the Pope still said no. At this time, Don Illan was unhappy and he asked for something to eat on the road back to Spain. However, the Pope shouted at him and bade him to leave. Then Don Illan’s face became younger at this moment and he told the servant girl to cook the meal that she had prepared earlier. The dean realized that they were still in the deep subterranean cell, they had gone back to the beginning, and that he was still the dean! Don Illan had rejected the dean as a student of magic.


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