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The Most Dangerous Game

“The Most Dangerous Game” was a very interesting and scary movie. At the movie’s start, a ship sinks near an island, in the Caribbean, and the passengers all die except for one man, Rainsford, who survives. He swims to the weird island and there he finds a castle on it. In the castle,  Rainsford meets an odd and rich man, Zaroff, who is the master of this fortress. Rainsford stays in the fortress over night. The next day, he wakes up and meets two other survivors from a different ship. One is a woman, Eve Trowbridge, and the other is a man, Martin Trowbridge, they are brother and sister. Together they all talk about “the most dangerous game” – the animals that can be hunted. Meanwhile, Zaroff wants to play a game with them, he calls it “outdoor chess”. Eve tries to warn the new survivor that ‘Zaroff is dangerous!’ Soon, Rainsford and Eve discover Martin’s corpse and that they will become the dangerous game. 

They run and make traps to catch Zaroff. They flee to a waterfall where Rainsford falls off the waterfall and Eve is captured. This is like a huunting game. And Zaroff thinks Rainsford is dead. But Rainsford isn’t! Instead, he returns to the castle and kills Zaroff. Finally, Rainsford and Eve escape from this dangerous island by the boat.

Character list:
Bob Rainsford  – hero, famous hunter
Russian Count Zaroff – villain
Eve Trowbridge – she is the love interest
Martin – Eve Trowbridge’ s brother

The Most Dangerous Game