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Diary – April/25/2011

Hi: I’m Maggie Chang. It is  raining today. We sleep until noon. I know it is pretty late to wake up,12:oo, but my sister and I have nothing to do on this day. After we wake up, we eat our sandwiches and drink our glasses of milk and then watch TV shows. Then when we finish watching the shows, we go up stairs and start to study. Study, study, study…later, we finish our homework and our studying, we watch Taiwanese and Korean dramas on the computer. This is a really boring day!! But I like it – no test pressure, no one’s yelling, no trouble. Everything is peace and quiet. But, the really repugnant fact is I still have to see my cousin. I really dislike her when I see her face. I know this is wrong. I think it is because we don’t talk very much and we don’t communicate. I believe our relationship will get worse and worse and worse…My sister doesn’t like her either. My cousin really had done some bad things to us, so that’s why! My mom tries really hard to fix this situation but it is still not working so I’m thinking maybe we really need to do something about this. My sister hopes our cousin will move out but, I don’t really want her to move out because then my mom can’t earn $1000 from her. And, she is my cousin! It is better to home-stay our relative than to host a stranger. I try to control my temper so my cousin and I can get on. This was a boring and unpleasant day that I really liked!


Diary – April. 24. 2011 – Face Painting Day

Today is my most fun day ever!!! First, I did the make-up on my sister’s face, then I did all the children faces. I went to the Moody Station Museum to volunteer for the Easter Events and my job was to paint on all the kid’s faces. I went there from 9:30 to 02:00 and it was a really fun day. I like drawing but painting on their faces was not an easy task to do because the brushes and the paint were not really useful. The leading cadre gave us a paper of the cute little pictures on it and told us to let the children choose which they would like us to paint on their faces. There were many adults with their kids and it was like a fun fair. There were many stations and different activities: there was food selling, face painting and many other fun games. They were all for the kids. The entrance fee was $2.00 and for the food and drink you needed to pay extra. But for the volunteers, like me and my sister, we didn’t need to pay either, which was great! In fact, this was my first time face painting, so I was really nervous at that time. My hands kept shaking and shaking. I think I’m a terrible painter, all the images that I painted on the kid’s faces were really really ugly. But I still had fun doing this activity. I believe I can do better next time for sure. Today is the funnest and most experiential day that I never had.

Essay: Happiness, Freedom, and Peace of Mind

 “Pay It Forward” – Part one.

“Pay It Forward” – Part two.

“Pay It Forward” – Part three.

“Pay It Forward” – Part four.

“Pay It Forward” – Part five.

“Pay It Forward” – Part six.

“Pay It Forward” – Part seven.

“Pay It Forward” – Part eight.

“Pay It Forward” – Part nine.

“Pay It Forward” – Part ten.

“Pay It Forward” – Part eleven.

“Pay It Forward” – Part twelve.

“Pay It Forward” – Part thirteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part fourteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part fifteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part sixteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part seventeen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part eighteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part nineteen.

“Pay It Forward” – Part twenty.

“There is a wonderful, mystical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life-happiness, freedom, and peace of mind- are always attained by giving them to someone else.” I totally agree with this staement. Someone once said “If you share your happiness with someone else then you will get double happiness from telling your friends your depressed. You will decrease the suffering by half.” If you tell your friends your suffering then you won’t feel as much pain. People thirst to obtain happiness, freedom, and peace of mind in life. You need to “pay it forward” to give out your love or make it change by helping someone else. There is a 2000 film called “Pay It Forward” and it features a boy who is trying to pay his debt forward instead of back. He helps many people; he helps his teacher, his mom, his friend and a vagrant. But finally, he dies by helping his friend from being bullied. After that people from around the world come to his house and offer flowers and a blessing. They do this because he was helping pay their debt forward. Not all people could do that. In conclusion, if you pay your debt forward, afterward, you can always attain happiness, freedom, and peace of mind.

Caribbean Bay by 2PM & Girls Generation

So handsome and beautiful~~

BIG muscles…..

Pervert!!! …….hahahaha~~~XD

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